Excursion au Mont St-Michel (art prints)

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Art Prints

The reproduction is rolled on itself and shipped in a rigid tube. "Fine Art Giclee" print is commonly used for the professional reproduction of works of art. This inkjet printing technique uses natural pigments that are highly resistant to light.

  • Printed on mat paper Fine Art Special 260 g/m2

  • Work takes into account the white margin. The final dimension includes the white margin.

Art Prints

About the Artwork

Excursion au Mont St-Michel

1895 - 4e quart du 19e siècle - IIIe République (1870-1940) estampe - lithographie - papier Œuvre de : Fraipont, Gustave (1849-1923) - Imprimerie Fraipont et Moreau (Paris) Fraipont, Gustave (1849-1923) - Imprimerie Fraipont et Moreau (Paris) - Excursion au Mont St-Michel - © Reproduction Benjamin Gavaudo - CMN

About the monument

Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel

The worship of Saint Michel was introduced on the Mount in 708, and it became one of the most important places of medieval pilgrimage. Benedictine monks started building an abbey here in the 10th century.

Withstanding the assaults of man, time and the elements. The heroic resistance of the Mount to English attacks during the Hundred Years' War (14th and 15th centuries) made it a symbol of French national identity. Monks left the abbey in 1790, and it was listed as a historic monument in 1874. The whole site has been returned to its former glory thanks to on-going restoration work.