Château de Bouges, façade ouest et bassin (aluminium panels)

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About the Artwork

Château de Bouges, façade ouest et bassin

Œuvre de : Monel, Yann (1966-....) Monel, Yann (1966-....) - Château de Bouges, façade ouest et bassin - © Yann Monel - Centre des monuments nationaux

About the monument

Château de Bouges

A replica of the Petit Trianon in Versailles? Charles-François Leblanc de Manarval, a blacksmith and director of the royal cloth factory in Châteauroux, had the château built in freestone in 1759.

A careful reconstruction. Henri Viguier, the director of a Parisian department store, and his wife Renée bought Bouges in 1917. An elegant society figure, she had the château tastefully redecorated and refurnished while her husband, a keen horseman, took care of the outbuildings. They bequeathed the property to the French state in 1968.

Aluminium Panels

The Chromaluxe® product is a lightweight, durable aluminum panel, made from recycled material and 100% recyclable.
It is a perfect material for reproducing artwork and photographs, due to the finish and 3D depth it offers. The material's substrates and coatings provide incredible resistance to scratches and abrasion.

  • Sublimation printing technique

  • Ready to hang product, supplied with a wall hanging system

  • Optimal print quality and glossy finishes

  • Easy to clean

Aluminium Panels Aluminium Panels